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Minutes of the

Nova Scotia Citizens' Health Care Network

Tuesday February 17, 2004

PSAC office

7:00 to 8:30 pm


Welcome and introductions:  Debbie Kelly, Ian Johnson, Bruce Gates, Iris Steel,

On Phone:  Anne Smith, Mary Ruth MacLellan, Peggy Brown

Regrets:  John Ryan, Ken Brown, Cathy Murphy, Cliff White


1.  Reviewed the meeting with the Minister of Health on December 5:  Little change and health care worse.


2.  Ian reported that the Forum went well, but not good attendance, but 4 Network people attended: Ian, Cliff, Bruce and Dr. Bob Frederickson.  Identified that an ER monitor is need to show where government's methods are not working.


3.  Discussion on further work on Wait Times and how we can work to lobby and put pressure to drastically reduce wait times for all health care needs and services.  Question as to how could these wait times have risen - no beds available, not enough staff, less services.  Where is the money gone?  Anne stated the most it costs and the more we lost.  Rosway Hospital's budget was 4.28, then 3.6 now 4.9.  Freedom of Information to request info on requesting Operating Costs for various hospitals in province - 3 yr, Ian to follow this up.


4.  More work on Pharmacare - wrote to the Minister of Health identifying problem with the increase to senior's pharmacare premiums.  John and Ken were both unavailable to speak on this issue and was tabled until next meeting in March.


5.  National Health Council - Romanow was the Litmus test.  Health Accord committed to set up by May 2004, all provinces not vying in.  Identified the need to put pressure on NS reps to seek input and give feed back and to be open to participation and ideas.


6.  Prep for Federal Election - discussed the idea of our own "post card" much like the NSGEU, as well as their message for the most part but designing it to reflect the Network.  Identified the need to meet with the mayor, College of Nurses and College of Paramedics.

     Ian brought NSGEU post cards which they distributed about 2200 on the bridge drop.  People were very receptive.  Excellent idea and a great message!  Network members are to specifically discuss the federal budget and or election actions at next meeting.  Possible candidate's forum on health care, getting lawn signs back out, post card campaign, etc.,.


7.  Bruce reported our finances and we have sufficient funds for now.


8.  Next meeting:  March 9th at the PSAC at 7:00 pm