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Dear Hon. Prime Minister and Federal Minister of Health:
Thank you for providing an answer to one of my last email letters to you from your Senior Staff member and the letter to the Editor by the Federal Minister of Health on wait times.
Please read and consider the following message form the New York Times and the quotes regarding private health care.  I sincerely request that you ensure that no public funds go to pay for private insurance for surgeries, procedures, or testing when we can more than adequently provide it through the public health care delivery.  We need to be reassured that proper funding and a human resource health strategy is in place with active plans to produce the ongoing health professionals we need now and will need in the future.
I have said this many times:  It's no wonder, then, that the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the US is unpaid medical costs. There are 47 million people in the US without medical insurance.
Canadians don't want for-profit health care in any way and it's your responsibility to give us this reassurance.
Please, keep public health care delivery and public health care funding your priority.  With this in mind, remember that the determinents of health must also be addressed or it's just like putting bandaids on a cut, such as housing, homelessness, decent wages, food and education, to name a few.  Canadians want to know they elect responsible people to govern and this is what Canadians want from you.  Thank you.
Debbie Kelly, SSStJ
Chairperson, NS Citizens' Health Care Network
cc:  Network Organizations and Elected officals
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