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April 29, 2004

Dear Hon. Premier and Hon. Minister of Health A. MacIsaac, and Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. Federal Minister of Health Mr. Pettigrew:

The following article from the US is an excellent example of why Canadians want our Publicly Delivered and funded health care system.  For-Profit in many cases leads to media reporting fraud and other charges in the US and around the world.

Lives of Canadians, especially Nova Scotians, are of the utmost importance and for-profit is NOT welcomed in any way.  We pay dearly for our health care system in this country through our tax system and this article is exactly why we are willing to fight to maintain and improve health care in this country.

We respectly request that you keep Canadians health in mind by protecting the Canada Health Act, keep for-profits out of our health care system and increase federal funding to at least 25%.  I do, however, agree that the Provinces have a duty to be required to ensure that every health care dollar goes into health care and not general revenue.

Respectfully yours,

Debbie L. Kelly, Chairperson

Nova Scotia Citizens' Health Care Network

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