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Dear friends.  The attached advance notice is sent for your consideration to
attend and to send delegates.  It is the first and largest Public Tommy
Douglas Health Conference.  It will have speakers such as Roy Romanow,
Steven Lewis (both), Shirley Douglas, Monique Begin, Michael Rachlis, Tom
Kent,  Allan Blakeney and many more including international speakers such as
Dr. Arnold Relman, Harvard and others.

It is one of the greatest opportunities for trade unionist and community
groups and coalitions to join forces together with others.  It is a time of
great strength, reflection and resolution for the dream that Tommy had to
bring health care to all with the expansion needed for our time.  Let's do
what we can to sponsor this conference through donations, delegates, and and
any other actions we can to make it the greatest success, just as the Man is
himself - the Greatest Canadian!

There are absolutely fantastic speakers:

Roy Romanow / Monique Bégin / Stephen Lewis / Tom Kent / Allan Blakeney /
Shirley Douglas

Pat Armstrong / Carolyn Bennett / Marcy Cohen / Kathleen Connors / Ron
Colman (invited) Cathy Crowe (invited) / Robert G. Evans / Colleen Flood /
Diana Gibson / Doris Grinspun

Eber Hampton / Steven Lewis / Joel Lexchin   / Greg Marchildon / Danielle

Jack McCarthy / Michael Mendelson  / Andrew Petter / Michael Rachlis /
Judith Shamian

Linda Silas / Scott Sinclair / Armine Yalnizyan

International Speakers:

Arnold Relman, Harvard / Uwe Reinhardt, Princeton / Josep Figueras, European
Observatory, Brussels / Marcia Angell, Harvard / May T.M. Cheng, Princeton /
Alan Maynard, York , UK

Thank you

Conference attachment in Word