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My grandparents left family in Canada when they came to the U.S.  I've been trying to put together a plan to move back to Canada.  Once you get entrenched in the United States economy, it's difficult to leave.  I have letters in Swedish written in 1870 saying they wish they had never come here, that they do "unspeakable" things to each other, so horrific that my great grandfather wouldn't even write them down.
Nothing much has changed.  It's still a nation where horrific things happen to people and the nation goes on with a bare minimum of care.  They simply ignore it - as long as it doesn't happen to them.  Katrina couldn't have been a better example.  Hundreds of people drowned in their homes and were shipped off in busses and literally dumped into the streets to survive.  Many are homeless and sick.  There is no public outcry, they're all too busy celebrating the 4th of July.
I had a chance to work for the best law firms in America for over 20 years, including White House counsel and the Supreme Court.  I will tell you exactly what is going on, after comparing International and British Law with what goes on here.  This is a sham democracy and as long as the greater majority of the people don't keep up with daily politics and keep their heads in the sand, they intend to keep up the sham forever.  Michael Moore showed it to them in living color and I'm waiting for the fallout over the next year.  We are making about as much progress toward real democracy as Nero.
Do Not Ever go to privatized health.  It's a numbers game on the NY Stock Exchange.  That's all it is.  They rip off the investors and they give the nation absolutely nothing.   It creates an atmosphere of "me first" and "who cares what happens to you". 
It came as a big shock to me from my Canadian friends that the American Revolution didn't end in 1776, that Canada was attacked well into the 19th Century by renegades.  That is not in our history books.  American children are not taught anything about it.  In fact, American children are not taught one blessed thing about Canada.  We have to drive up to Canada and find it on our own.
There has been an ongoing effort obviously, to retake and dismantle the Canadian way of life by your Southern neighbors.  If they can't take you by force, they plan to keep selling Canadians an Americanized solution to all your ills.  If you want to publish this, you have my permission.  I'd be happy to act as your spokesperson in America anytime. 
If somebody shows up in Canada and tries to walk off with your Canadian way of life, I'd be happy to set the record straight about the American solution. 
Sincerely,   Shari Hodges