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  Chair of the Committee:  Honourable Michael J. L. Kirby,(South Shore NS) 613-992-2976;

 Deputy Chair: Honourable Marjory LeBreton (Ontario) 613-943-0756. Write to: Senate of Canada, Ottawa K1A 0A4

 and The Honourables:  

Catherine S. Callbeck (PEI) 613-943-0686.

Joan Cook (Nfld, Labrador) 613-943-1051

Jane Cordy (Nova Scotia) 613-995-8409. Write to: Senate of Canada, Ottawa K1A 0A4

Joyce Fairbairn, P.C.Lethbridge 613-996-4382.

Wilbert Joseph Keon (Ottawa) 613-943-1415. Write to: Senate of Canada, Ottawa K1A 0A4

Yves Morin (Lauzon,Quebec) 613-992-1689. (did not join case) 

Lucie Pépin (Shawinegan) 613-996-1726.

Douglas Roche, Edmonton 613-943-9559.

Brenda Robertson (Riverview, N.B.) 613-998-5585.

Ex-officio members:   Honourable Senators

 Sharon Carstairs, P.C. (Manitoba) 613-947-7123  (or Fernand Robichaud.  P.C.)

John Lynch-Staunton (Grandville) 613-943-1481  (or Noel A. Kinsella)


Other Senators who have participated from time to time on this study:

Honourable Senators Carney (British Columbia) 613-943-1433

Cochrane  Ethel M. Cochrane (Nfld, Labrador) 613-992-1577

Lawson, Leger, Viola Léger (Acadie) 613-992-1186

Maheu, St. Germain,
Nick G. Sibbeston 613-943-7790;

Terry Stratton (Red River) 613-947-2224


Senator Dan Hays (Speaker)

Kirby Committee members Intervening in Supreme Court Case :
Sen. Michael Kirby                
Sen. Joan Cook                     
Sen. Joyce Fairbairn               
Sen. Lucie Pepin                    
Sen. Brenda Robertson           
Sen. Douglas Roche                
Sen. Catherine Callbeck          
Sen. Marjorie LeBreton....... Write to: Senate of Canada, Ottawa K1A 0A4
Sen. Jane Cordy                       "            "              "              "           "
Sen. Wilbert Keon                    "            "              "              "           "
Sen. Yves Morin, M.D.         not join case)
Nova Scotia Senators:
Sen. Michael Forrestall           
Sen. Donald Oliver                 
en. Wilfred Moore                
Sen. John Buchanan                 
Sen. Terry Mercer             Write to Senate of Canada, Ottawa K1A 0A4
Sen. Gerald Comeau             "             "               "            "          "
Sen. Gerard Phalen                "            "               "            "

*The Hon. Irwin Cotler, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington St., Ottawa   K1A 0H8      *email:

Sorry, duplication of the names on the lists is almost unavoidable.

*Please Note: All responses are sent by regular mail, therefore include your return mailing address in email message.